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Naughty brunette exgirlfriend bitch Daisy gives oral sex and swallows seed on her knees

September 20th, 2014

this banging whore right here is Daisy, a bar fly from here in town, we hooked up for a bit back in 2006 it was ok I guess, she was chubby in bed and she LOVED to play games… the good kind of games lol, I took photos of her in various sensual lingerie, and even got some good videos of her giving a blowjob my dick. Anyway she got pregnant, I was pissed, I really did not want kids, and I really did not want anything too serious in the first place, she told me she wanted to get an abortion so I was all for it, I gave her the money only to find out the whore was never even drilling pregnant! in fact she used that money to buy some other stud a cellphone! check out these Videos I took of her sucking my cock

Hank M. Miss.

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Busty brunette amateur exgirlfriend whore Yazmine strips and gives oral sex

September 19th, 2014

This little bitch is Yazmine, she might have had a lazy eye but her taco and mouth always stayed busy lol, I got her to let me take these photos of her, and she got so turned on by me taking these photos that in the end of our little shoot she drained my dick dry! I was actually a bit sad to see her go, but she took a job out of state and SHE dumped me for the job, so here’s my revenge, I’m posting these photos of her!

Name and location withheld

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Giant jugged ex-girlfriend bitch Rucca Page gets vagina fingered and pounded

September 18th, 2014

Studs this is Rucca, I dated her for almost a year, when it was dishy it was riding prominent, but when it was bad I honestly wanted to end this whore! Rucca was really a lazy slut, she she drilled me almost everyday AND she let me tape our bang sessions, but all the issues Rucca had just ended up outweighing the sex. so I had to dump her ass and go find a new bitch. Here’s some of the videos of us banging.

Mike R. Location Withheld

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Erotic brunette exgirlfriend harlot Naudia Rio sucking a prominent shaft

September 17th, 2014

This little trollop is Naudia, I met her at the mall last year, she really was only into my wallet but I was WAY into her dirty body and tight pussy, I’d have her make me red hot videos and in return I’d take her back to the mall and take her shopping, it was a magnificent resplendent trade, she’d screw and suck my silly AND I got some killer XXX videos of her too, after awhile she started to get a bit on the bitchy side, so I decided to stop taking her shopping and low and behold she left me for some fresh meat, I bet she never thought those videos would end up online though lol WHORE!

Marcus A. Location Withheld

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Girlfriend Amateur Vid Oral Sex and Penetration

September 16th, 2014

If your girl cheats on you, what can you do? What if you get dumped by a girl and she has broken your heart? How about the babe who did something totally unforgiveable? Well you can always embarass and humiliate them by sending their home made hardcore movies to RevengeTV.com! Get revenge on ex girlfriends with their hardcore videos! RevengeTV.com is packed full of cheating babes who deserved to have their slut ways revealed to the world. Nut off to this hot library of dirty amateurs and check out amateurs like Sandy here. This ex cheated, many times, and now her homemade fuck films are online, enjoy!

Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Revenge Video

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Secret Camera in Stock Room Captures Worker Pussy Rubbing

September 15th, 2014

Stock rooms aren’t very exciting during the night shift, but this worker found a solution. When she’s on the verge of quitting her job, she likes to pull out porno magazines and get her juices flowing. Thinking she is alone, she’ll hike up her skirt, open her thighs and start to finger her hole. What she doesn’t seem to have noticed is that there is a spy cam in the corner watching everything. Her hidden camera sex tapes were sent in to BustedOnFilm.com. You get to watch all the action as she plays with her snatch and shudders with ecstasy right there in the stock room. Check out her spy camera sex tape!

Spy Cam Vagina Play Video

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Iranian football babe stripping and rubbing her succulent cunny

September 14th, 2014

Being a soccer player, this gorgeous brunette has a sexy looking body. Her tummy is splendid and tight and her legs and booty are exactly what you’d expect from a runner. She likes to lift her top over her boobies and show off her belly button ring and her firm perky tits along with her nice tanned body! Masturbate her boobies until her nipples get really hard she then turns her attention to the skimpy white shorts that cover her firm butt and nice little vagina! After taking her shorts off and squatting down with her legs spread she rubs her clit and fingers her siren looking slit!

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